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Preventative Maintenance

Our Spring/Autumn Maintenance Contract is made up of two separate visits, where the services listed below are performed once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. For both visits, the cost would be a one time discounted payment of $95. For a one time visit, the cost will be $60.

Did you know that regular Preventative Maintenance on your HVAC unit can:

•Help extend the life of your HVAC unit

•Help reduce utility bills

•Ensure that your unit is in optimal condition prior to the summer and winter seasons
•Help prevent unsafe operating conditions

•Help avoid costly breakdowns

Summer Preventative Maintenance Coverage:

•Check cooling system for proper operation

•Change/clean customer provided air filter as needed 

•Inspect the general condition of the unit

•Tighten electrical connections at equipment

•Check and inspect and contacts

•Check associated Capasitors for proper microfarad rating

•Test equipment control systems

•Test compressor protection device

•Check current draw of the compressor and associated motors

•Verify return to supply temperature difference

•Check and rinse outdoor coil

Autumn Preventative Maintenance Coverage:

•Test gas valve operation

•Test safety devices

•Test limit switches

•Test combustion draft motors

•Check pilot and burner assembly for proper operation

•Check connection of the flue at the furnace

•Verify return to supply heat rise is within tolerance

•Check to ensure that the blower motor is operating within its current draw tolerance.

*Any additional service work required beyond the Preventative Maintenance will be billed at the normal rate with the Diagnostic Fee waived.*